3 reasons to own a Rita’s Italian Ice franchise


Our growing brand in a stable industry offers advantages you might not have thought of

If you live in the Mid-Atlantic region, you may already be familiar with Rita’s and our “Ice. Custard. Happiness.” slogan. But have you heard what a great business opportunity it is to become a Rita’s franchise owner? With decades of experience, over 600 locations nationwide and an expansion plan that will bring even more Ices, Custard and Happiness to consumers across the U.S., we’d love to tell you why.

1. Simple to operate

With no cooking, very little food waste and no restaurant experience required, Rita’s is a great way to branch into the world of foodservice without getting in over your head. All of our delicious menu items are based on two core products – Italian ice and frozen custard made fresh daily in the stores.

As a franchise owner, you’ll have small fixed overhead costs, making it easier to hit your break-even point more quickly. Your staff will be largely comprised of high school and college students, and our operations are so simple you’ll be able to train them quickly so they can start contributing to the business immediately.

A smiling boy in an orange shirt holds up a cone of swirled Rita’s frozen custard. In the background, customers line up at a walk-up Rita’s window.

Rita’s Italian Ice frozen custard in a cone

2. Flexible footprints and investment

Rita’s offers a variety of service models from carts, kiosks and trucks to a walk-up, walk-in or dine-in footprint. Average startup costs on a walk-up range from $108,700 to $294,300.

The affordable startup costs allow you to grow your business and scale up more quickly than you might with other franchises. Many of our seasonal owners take advantage of the winter months to devote their time to readying and opening new locations, and we also offer incentives for multi-unit developers and area developers.

A man holds a little boy in his arms while holding up a Rita’s cup of chocolate frozen custard covered in sprinkles. Both are smiling broadly.

People come into Rita’s happy, and they leave happy. That makes our franchise a happy business to own

3. This is a happy business

People who come to Rita’s for an Italian ice or frozen custard treat are happy because they’re coming in for a treat. Whether you buy one unit or choose to open several, you’ll find it rewarding to do something that makes people so happy. Our ices and custards provide a guest experience like no other in the frozen treat business, and Rita’s customers can’t get enough.

Brand loyalty is huge, and that can pay big dividends to franchise owners who want to maximize their investment. You can add catering services to your Rita’s and scale up quickly, providing multiple streams of revenue to help you meet your professional goals.

Learn more about the Rita’s opportunity

If you’d like to learn more about the growing Italian ice business opportunity with Rita’s, fill out the form on this page to access our Franchise Information Center, where you can find detailed financial results, a breakdown of startup costs and in-depth Q&As with Rita’s franchisees.


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