Top Frozen Dessert Franchise

A Top Frozen Dessert Franchise Inside and Out


Drive-thrus turn winter months into additional revenue opportunities. 

A Rita’s Italian Ice franchise has always been a top QSR franchise to own, but now it’s an even smarter business opportunity—with drive-thrus that can help turn winter months into cold hard cash.  

Working with Franchise Owners with endcap infrastructure, Rita’s explored adding a drive-thru space—an ideal way to entice guests to enjoy frozen desserts in the comfort of their warm vehicle during the colder or inclement months.  

Top Frozen Desert Franchise

The Top QSR Franchise to Own Drives Business Through Drive-Thrus.

Rita’s tapped into an industry expert on drive-thrus to get the technology piece set up for success, as well as help build processes for staff training. Bottom line: Rita’s gave Franchise Owners the tools to build an additional revenue stream, especially with consumers looking for convenience. Just ask David Lewis, Rita’s Franchise Owner in Dallas-Fort Worth.  

David has been a Rita’s Top Frozen Dessert Franchise Owner for 14 years. His lease was up, and with rising rent, decided to relocate his shop. The new location has an endcap, a necessity for a drive-thru. David found he wasn’t alone as Rita’s helped him throughout the process. 

“Rita’s leadership team was helpful in setting up the drive-thru. They came to my location and helped me in getting the technology piece going and helped with our processes so the staff could handle the new business model.” 

The financial impact of drive-thrus with a top frozen dessert franchise. 

David can’t say enough about the financial benefits of a drive-thru at the top frozen dessert franchise. “I’m already seeing about 25% of our business coming through the drive-thru in our first two months. It’s going to be really fun to see what bad weather and winter does, but I’m expecting drive-thru orders to be about 50% of our business.” 

A top QSR franchise to own, with seasonal flexibility.

Rita’s is all about seasonal flexibility. Many Franchise Owners take advantage of Rita’s core season—from March through October—while others like David opt to extend their business hours and profit from the four seasons. “Adding the drive-thru option removes objections for guests, that it’s too cold or they have the kids or dog with them, and makes it an easy choice, especially for our repeat guests.”  

A Rita’s top frozen dessert franchise is simple to run, with a simple-to-grow business model. If you have a net worth of $300,000 and $100,000 in liquid capital and are interested in a refreshing multi-unit franchise opportunity, complete the lead form below to get in touch with our franchise development team. 

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