What Franchisees Love About Rita’s

rita’s franchise reviews

It’s a very dynamic brand, and with the mobile carts and food truck, you can take your business mobile and go to your customers. We take one of our carts to a water park near here. The nice thing is that I think of one store as my home base for my mobile business, so even from one operation you can multiply revenues.

– Humza Chowdhry, San Jose, CA

For me, it’s been a very good decision from all aspects. It’s met my financial goals, and I’ve had a really good time. I’ve had a lot of fun. The relationships I’ve developed with my team members have meant everything. I’ve hired people at 14 who stayed with me through college, and I’m going to their weddings and baby showers now.

– Jill Harp, Baltimore

I was working in a family business and looking for another business to get into. I met with a couple of different franchises back then, and we chose to go with Rita’s because of the simplicity of the business model and the high profit margins. And like every business, it evolves. Rita’s has evolved, it’s a different business today than it was in 2003 when we got started, and we’ve evolved personally as the brand has evolved.

– Dave Restituto, Dover, DE, and Philadelphia

We had been customers for a long time, my wife and I, and we decided it was a good opportunity when our first store came up for sale. We just finished our first season, where we opened up on March 1 and we closed on Oct. 15. We increased sales in that location 25% over the previous year.

– Albert Holley, Windsor Mill, MD

I think that Rita’s is a unique franchise that offers anybody an opportunity to utilize their talents. It’s a great product and easy to make and easy to produce. Customers are happy because they’re coming in for a treat. Rita’s provides the product, and then you’re investing in yourself.

– Brett Hrovat, Columbia, SC

It’s a lot of work, but it’s an easy system. It’s easy to run your operation. The menu isn’t so intense where you have to have all of these different things. Rita’s does a lot of research and development on different products that they bring in. With (President & CEO) Linda Chadwick and her new team, it’s all about profitability to drive sales. That’s really important.

– Joe DeAngelis, Brooklyn, NY

One of the things I love about Rita’s is the flexibility. If I choose to wake up at 6 a.m. and come make my ice in the morning, I can do that. If I choose to say, “You know what, I’m going to go in at 10:30, make my ice and then open.” You can do that as well. Your day doesn’t have to be a 16-hour day. You can create time to be at home, time to work another job. It’s really what you make of it.

– Maureen Hartlieb, Rosedale, MD

It’s a seasonal product with high demand during the season and it’s a simple menu, so the recipe is there for success. I think the simplicity of Rita’s is really paramount to its success, because you don’t need a lot of products and you don’t need a lot of space to make money.

– Jordan Kasner, Philadelphia

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