Rita’s: A business for all seasons


Whether their Rita’s operates on a seasonal basis or is open year-round, our franchisees are finding ways to meet — and sometimes exceed — their business goals

For customers and franchisees, we believe in choosing what’s right for you. That’s why Rita’s franchises can be open seasonally or year-round, and our franchisees love having options to meet their own personal business goals.

Many Rita’s owners operate from March through November, using the off-season to open an additional Rita’s franchise for the next season or build up their catering revenues. But as we’ve grown, we’ve also helped franchisees who choose to stay open and keep revenue flowing in the winter months. Whichever model you prefer, Rita’s could be a great business opportunity.

Two women in sweaters, jeans and boots face each other over a high-top table while talking and eating cups of frozen custard. A wall behind them is covered in wallpaper adorned with names of Rita’s products, including Blendini, Frozen Custard and Rita’s Italian Ice.

Maureen and Brian Hartlieb are operating one of their Rita’s locations on a year-round basis for the first time in 2017-18. So far, they’ve had a steady stream of appreciative customers.

Shorter lines, lower costs

Jill Harp’s Baltimore franchise is open Thursdays through Sundays in the winter months. While she has a full staff of 18 or so at the height of the summer season, her general manager handles all the shifts from November through March.

“I just have one unit that I want to grow as much as I can, and the profit margin is really high,” Harp says. “Initially, I thought it would be great to be off a few months out of the year, but a few years in I thought, why not just open a few days during the winter to help cover my fixed costs?”

Maureen Hartlieb and her husband Brian own four Rita’s locations in Maryland and part of a Rita’s Food Truck, and they’re excited to try their first year-round location this season. Even on a chilly day in November, a steady stream of customers came in to order treats, a great sign for their new winter hours.

“For me, it is going to be a better opportunity to get into a lot of our catering, to reach more people, because we’re going to be open when there are school concerts and other events going on. When they start basketball this winter, we can now be the place that everybody comes to hang out at after games and other events,” she says.

A woman’s hand holds up a Rita’s Blendini branded cup against a blue sky filled with white puffy clouds on a sunny day.

When a seasonal Rita’s opens up again in the spring, franchisees almost always report long lines and excited guests waiting to order their favorite Rita’s treat.

Flexible footprints offer even more choice

Rita’s offers a variety of different service models to choose from in several affordable investment ranges. Our high levels of franchisee support and ease of operations make our business perfect for both multi-unit and single-unit owners. Rita’s provides you an excellent opportunity to meet your professional goals in a supportive setting and a happy business.

Learn more about the Rita’s opportunity

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