Why Rita’s is a great family franchise


Our happy atmosphere and simplicity of operations make it the perfect place for your family to work together on your future

Sometimes, running a business is a family affair, and that’s true even in franchising. Among our owners, we have many husband-and-wife teams, parents who work their locations with their kids and other family groupings.

A family-run franchise can help you instill a strong work ethic in your children and provide a safe place for them to work after school and during the summers. It’s also a great way to get them involved in a trade early so they can be an integral part of building your family’s future. When you’re talking about families, of course, not just any franchise will do.

Here are some reasons Rita’s in particular is a great franchise for families.

Simplicity of operations. Food franchises are a popular pick for family-run businesses, but if you’ve ever been involved in the restaurant business, you know it’s really hard work. And it’s not for everyone. But Rita’s is a food business you and your family will love to run. Italian ice is simple to make, and you won’t have to worry constantly about food spoilage and inventory. Our two main products, Italian ice and frozen custard, are the base for all our menu items.

Happy atmosphere. While it’s true that challenges only make us stronger, there are limits to what you really want to subject your family members to. One of the big advantages to owning a Rita’s franchise is that it’s such a happy business. Customers arrive in great anticipation of our awesome treats, and when they leave they’re even more happy. As a simple frozen dessert franchise, there aren’t a lot of complications — and not much in the way of customer dissatisfaction. Simply put, people love Rita’s. As owners, you get to be part of sharing that joy.

Easy to scale when kids come of age. Unlike some franchises, where you might have to master a complex business model or spend a long time planning for a full-sized, year-round second location, Rita’s has a lot of options. Many of our territories are closed in the winter, which allows you time to plan your next business move. And our flexible footprints give you many options to choose from. Want your oldest child to take over the business but you’re not ready to hand over the keys to the store? No problem. We have mobile units. You can also count on our accessible startup costs to help with your succession and growth planning.

Learn more about our family-friendly franchise

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