Multi-Unit Franchise Owner Spotlight: Jeff Burroughs


The path to becoming a top frozen dessert Franchise Owner

When Jeff Burroughs was a high schooler working at a local ice cream shop, he never imagined he would one day come full circle and be a multi-unit owner with a top frozen dessert franchise, but that’s exactly what happened. Today, Jeff owns two Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard franchises in Maryland and has an agreement for two more units in the works. Becoming an owner of Rita’s, a top frozen dessert franchise, didn’t happen overnight for Jeff.

Before taking advantage of his multi-unit franchise opportunity with Rita’s, Jeff spent 23 years in the auto industry running different areas of sales with Ford franchises. At a certain point, he felt like he wasn’t progressing in his career anymore. That’s when Jeff decided he needed to find a new opportunity where he could control his own destiny.

In 2009, while still working in the auto industry, Jeff and his wife invested in a three-pack of a men’s haircutting franchise brand. He enjoyed franchising because he was able to be his own boss and make his own decisions. Eventually, he left Ford and continued to invest in the men’s haircutting franchises. In fact, he loved the franchise concept so much that he grew his portfolio to 29 locations!

Choosing a top QSR franchise to own

A kid eating frozen custard

At a certain point, Jeff knew he wanted to start diversifying his portfolio, which is when he fell in love with Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard. He was familiar with the brand and loved the yummy Italian ice and gelati treats. He discovered other menu items and quickly figured out why Rita’s is a top frozen dessert franchise. Jeff liked that the menu was simple, the machinery was easy to operate and that customers genuinely have fun while visiting Rita’s.

Jeff bought his first Rita’s location in 2021 and its success in its first year exceeded his expectations. Eleven miles away, there was an empty space that was once a bank. Jeff turned the old bank space into a second Rita’s location with a drive-through store design.

What’s not to like about the top frozen dessert franchise

Frozen Custard with Sprinkles

Since taking on this multi-unit franchise opportunity with Rita’s, Jeff has both appreciated the support from the Rita’s Corporate team as well as the benefits of being his own boss. Hiring has never been a problem for Jeff since many of his stores’ employees are young and in their first jobs, much like he was when he worked at his local ice cream shop.

Walk Up Window at Rita's Dunkirk Location

Other perks of Rita’s being a top frozen dessert franchise? Jeff says that not only does he love seeing his human guests enjoying their sweet frozen treats, but he also loves getting to see posts on social media of dog brand fans enjoying their pup cups! Take a look at some delicious shots on the Rita’s Dunkirk location account.

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