what are my Startup Costs?

Rita’s startup costs can vary depending on which of our multiple service models you choose to invest in

Rita’s startup costs can be quite affordable, especially compared to other food service franchises. Combined with our variety of service models, including express shops and satellite units, the Rita’s investment can also be more scalable for entrepreneurs looking to build out their portfolio.

Whichever type of shop you’re looking to open, we require a minimum of $100,000 in liquid capital and $300,000 in net worth.

Rita’s startup costs – Standard Shop

A standard shop is the most common type of Rita’s store, and can be operated seasonally or year-round. Standard shops include walk-in and walk-up service models and depending on the location, they may include indoor or outdoor seating. The investment can vary based on a number of factors, but the standard shop investment ranges from $175,500-$435,000.

Franchise owners with at least one standard shop can also expand their business with fixed-location or mobile satellite units. For a detailed breakdown on the startup costs from our Franchise Disclosure Document, please fill out the form on this page to access our Franchise Information Center.

Rita’s startup costs – Express Unit

Rita’s also offers the opportunity to purchase Express Units in unique locations which, due to a number of reasons, may not offer the full menu sold at a standard shop. Express Units are self-contained with a production area. The investment for an Express Unit ranges from $121,100-$309,900; a detailed breakdown is available in our Franchise Information Center.

Examples of Express Units include parks, universities, sports arenas, convention centers, airports, highway rest stops, transportation terminals, theme parks, military bases and other similar types of locations.


For detailed information about our revenue figures and the Rita's franchise opportunity, complete our form to get access to the Franchise Information Center.

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