How much can i make?

With simple operations and a scalable business model, the Rita’s revenue potential is strong for franchisees

With simple operations and lower cost of goods compared to other foodservice brands, Rita’s franchise owners appreciate the chance to grow their revenues and their business through multi-unit ownership.

“Rita’s is a high-margin business,” says South Carolina multi-unit franchisee Brett Hrovat. “If you have multiple stores, it’s much easier to handle inventory, and it allows me to use my employees for my cart business, which makes staffing a lot easier.”

Our variety of service models – including mobile units – also helps franchisees scale up and maximize the potential of additional revenue streams like catering.

“We do a lot of vending events. We have carts, we go onto different boardwalks or corporate events, we do a lot of street fairs. We’re always looking to expand,” says Joe DeAngelis, a multi-unit franchisee in New York with several new stores in development. “To give a number of how many stores I would like to have is kind of hard because it could be 10, it could be 50. Who knows? If you have the system in place, it’s not that difficult to keep it going.”

Lower costs help achieve higher profit margins

Of course, what really makes franchise owners want to expand is when they see each of their Rita’s locations meeting their expectations. That’s why our franchise team puts so much emphasis on helping franchisees run efficient operations at high margins, boosting Rita’s revenue potential.

“I’ve worked 12 months a year [in other concepts] and put a lot of time in and didn’t have the reward that I get working seven months with Rita’s.” John Vanore of New Jersey & Pennsylvania.

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