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The Overwhelming Customer Favorite: Rita’s Mango Ice

How Rita’s marketing attracts customers

Everyone loves dessert, from kids to adults, and that gives us a huge audience to reach. We’re also proactive in attracting new guests and helping franchisees become an integral part of their neighborhoods.

“The good news for Rita’s franchisees is that our customers include everyone, in all different age groups and demographics,” says Senior Manager of Brand Activation Madalyn Weintraub.

Of course, there are a lot of places that offer dessert. Rita’s marketing boosts business through hands-on support that helps franchisees stand out from the crowd, highlighting the uniqueness and quality of our product. Simply put, we help franchisees spread the word about their stores and bring in new and loyal guests.

“You have to keep advertising to keep guests coming in, and that’s something that Rita’s really helps with. We keep our name in the front of people’s minds so when the weather’s nice and hot, they think of us,” says Jordan Kasner, a multi-unit franchisee in Philadelphia. “We do a lot of marketing. We do billboards, radio, print, social media and we even do a little TV.”

Reaching out to your neighborhood connects with guests

Since we got our start on a front porch in Philadelphia, neighborhoods and community have always been important to us. Community involvement is still a vital way for franchise owners to connect with guests, because people love to patronize a place that they know cares about their neighborhood. 

“We’re huge believers in community involvement, being leaders and creating relationships with local schools, businesses, sports and youth organizations. That can really help build up your business,” says Weintraub. “Whether it be through fundraising events, catering opportunities, grand opening events, you name it, we like to go beyond the stores and into the neighborhoods to really build those relationships.”

That includes both company-wide initiatives, like our close relationship with the nonprofit pediatric cancer research group Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, and the unique organizations and causes that matter to each franchisee.

Those larger events not only help the community, they also help introduce you to a large group of potential new guests, with the help of our most potent marketing tool: our products.

“For new markets, grand openings are the perfect opportunity to sample and get our number one Mango Italian Ice into people’s mouths,” says Weintraub. “Once they try the product, they understand it’s unique and different than the competition, and hopefully they’re hooked and decide to come back.”

Rita’s customers love the brand

Those loyal fans also help spread the word even further to their friends and family.

“We’ve grown organically on our social media, and that really shows the brand love that people have for us,” says Weintraub. “Our product is so visual, and people love taking and sharing pictures of the treats that they get at Rita’s.”

And whether we’re introducing ourselves in a new market or building on our beloved brand name in our core Northeastern markets, that quality product helps drive loyal, repeat business, because at the end of the day, our ices and custards make people happy.

“When people hear the name Rita’s, it gets their taste buds going,” says Kasner. “That’s why I think people come. They know it’s going to be a pleasant experience and that they’re going to get a really great-tasting treat. It makes them happy.”

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